Friday, September 30, 2011

Electric Rolls Royce Limo is to be unveiled March 1st

It was reported earlier on in the year that Rolls Royce was planning something big this year and the rumours were flying about that the company was planning to release a electric vehicle. The rumours were in fact true and the new Rolls Royce Electric will make its debut at the Geneva show on March.

The Phantom will now tour the Middle East and Europe and will be given to media representatives and Rolls Royce owners who will test the vehicle, Rolls Royce hopes they receive their normal feedback and then they can plan to shape the finishing touches to the final car.

The electric Phantom is the first battery powered car designed for the ultimate in luxury and the new vehicle can even be charged up from the mains plug in our houses, it gives out zero emissions and so is the ultimate in environment friendly.

However a normal Phantom would cost you around £300,000 which is powered by fuel, this electric Phantom could set you back a whopping £1 million however the car costs just 2p a mile to run.

For years people have speculated the company were building a secret electric limo, well now it’s true so stay tuned for March 1st and its official debut.

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